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Introducing…Me! Michael as the Gakuranman. This is my new teaching persona for the Live Video Learning platform eduFire.com. I have registered on eduFire to start offering beginner and intermediate classes in Japanese! If you’ve ever wanted to dip your feet into the language pool and try some, here is your chance!

The Gakuranman

So let’s just briefly go over what eduFire exactly is and the goal of the site:

We have a simple (but not easy) mission: Revolution education.

Our goal is to create a platform to allow live learning to take place over the Internet any time from anywhere.

Most importantly…for anyone. We’re the first people (we know of) to create something that’s totally open and community-driven (rather than closed and transaction-driven).

We’re excited to create tools for people to teach and learn what they love in ways they never imagined possible.

If changing the world is your thing and you’re as passionate about education and learning as we are, please get in touch.

What a refreshing message! A community-driven, online learning platform that allows people from around the world to connect to one another and share their knowledge and passions! And for you looking to learn Japanese, you’re in luck! As of today, eduFire has 146 individual Japanese tutors available for private hire at great prices, and tons of free classes to allow you to get a head-start in the language!

EduFire Classroom

Above: An eduFire class in session with Tofugu’s Koichi!

You can use your webcam, mic, a live whiteboard as well as notes, PowerPoint, music, flash videos and much more, all through the Adboe Connect interface! Here’s a shot of us all messing around after class one day:

EduFire Webcam Sharing

Above: EduFire users sharing their webcams and mics!

So, me? I’m on there to help teach you Japanese. I have about 7 years of self-study and classroom study’s worth of experience, as well as 2 years of living in Japan over 4 separate trips. I have passed JLPT level 2 and am well underway to cracking the highest level – level 1.

I look forward to seeing some of your over on eduFire! ^_^

Yoroshiku na!

6 comments on “Learn Japanese with the Gakuranman
  1. Gārī shōnen says:

    It’s private :(

    Im sending a YT friends request asap.

  2. It sounds goods, It will help definitely to those wants to learn Japanese Language.

  3. thomas michael wallace says:

    good on ya,

    sounds a really cool idea.

    i’m sure it’ll go well.

  4. thomas michael wallace says:

    good on ya,

    sounds a really cool idea.

    i’m sure it’ll go well.

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