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Recently I guest-blogged for Loneleeplanet, discussing the controversial matter of ‘Love Dolls’, or ‘Sex Dolls’, and challenging the social taboo surrounding them. As an appendix to that, here I will look at the practice of renting love dolls, usually by the hour! Is there a market for soft silicone against the flesh?


(Above image from Orient Industries)

So first up, here’s the link to the post about Love Dolls and whether or not it is right to stigmatise people who own them:

Japanese Love Dolls – Taboo?


Love Doll Directories

A central site for cataloguing information about Love Dolls and rentals is Doll World. On their ‘About’ page, they have the following:

このサイトでは、ラブドールを貴方の希望の場所までデリバリー、つまり宅配(レンタル)するサービスを行っているお店や、店舗型のレンタルスペース、 DOLLとの撮影が可能なお店を紹介しています。最近はTVや雑誌などでも紹介され、話題になりつつある一体60万円以上の超高級ラブドールですが、なかなか手が出ないのが現状です。いちどレンタルして購入前のお試しをしてみるもヨシ、「スペースがないよーー」という方はいろんな子をレンタルするもヨシ。そんな時にあなたのお役に立てるような、ラブドールの総合情報サイトを目指してゆきたいと思っています。(・∀・)ノ


This site introduces companies that send love dolls to your desired place, in other words stores operating a rental service, as well as store rental spaces and places that you can take pictures with the dolls. Recently the high-quality love dolls priced at over 600,000 yen that have been the subject of much talk on television and in magazines are difficult to come by. It might be good to try before buying, or helpful for those of you who don’t have any space but want to rent various types of doll. We aim to offer this integrated information site to help you find the information you need when you need it.

Another similar site seems to be a dictionary of sorts; a directory for all the places in Japan that you can find Love Doll shops: Love Doll Directory

At the time of writing, the only site listed as offering shipment all over Japan is on Doll World is Richdoll. Let’s take a look at what they offer:


Above: RichDoll’s Homepage

Here’s a selection of the products:


And the price listings:


So, there’s a 2000 yen sign-up fee before you can do anything, but after that there are all sorts of extras. As far as I can tell, the dolls are delivered to your home. A 70 minute ‘taster’ course will set you back 13,000 yen (about 60 pounds), or the store’s 120 minute ‘recommended’ course for 16,000 yen (75 pounds). A 180 minute run is recommended for those wanting to use costumes and take photographs of the dolls, all for 23,000 yen (110 pounds). There’s also an ‘all-night’ course, a ’24-hour’ course and a ‘VIP’ course offering 2 nights and 3 days for those loyal customers who happen to reside in the surrounding areas (there is a separate price list for those living in places further afield).

My Hole


One point caught my attention in the above screenshot:


There is a 1000 yen discount for the use of ‘MyHole’.

What’s a ‘MyHole’? Good question. Have you ever heard of ‘MyCar’ or ‘MyHashi’ in Japan? These are products that one owns – hence the ‘my’. So ‘MyHashi’ is one’s own pair of chopsticks and ‘MyCar’ is one’s own car. And ‘Myhole’? One’s own hole.

Still not figured it out? Think about how a company would go about keeping these dolls clean and hygienic if they are renting them out to guys to use as sex toys. A special ‘hole’ maybe..?

Love Doll Usage Q&A

Here are some of the more interesting questions (translated) from the Q&A page on Richdoll:

What kind of materials are you using in your dolls?
In our company we use high-quality dolls approximately 600,000~700,00 yen in price made of silicone.

Do you use new parts (holes)?
In our company, we take hygiene very seriously, so of course we always use new products. After using, you may take the hole home as a memento of your time.
(It is interesting to note that the company used the wrong kanji for eisei: 衛星 (meaning satellite) when they really meant 衛生 (meaning hygiene).

Can you take the dolls in the bath?
You can take the dolls in the bath. However, we ask that you do not get their hair wet. Please take care not to wet the dolls above the shoulders.

How heavy are the dolls?
Depending on the doll, they are about 26-28kg. They are very heavy, so the staff will set them up when they arrive at your house.

How do you keep things hygienic?
In order for you to enjoy the products in peace of mind, we take hygiene management very strictly. Normally the dolls are completely disinfected and treated germicidally so that there is no risk of STDs.

How can I use the dolls?
Of course, using the dolls sexually is a given, but you can also take baths with them and dress them up and take pictures. The possibilities are infinite.

Where can I call you to?
First of all we recommend using the dolls at home. If there are circumstances and reasons why you cannot, we can check if it is okay to use the dolls at a nearby hotel or business hotel.


So there you have it. Curious. Shocking. Disgusting, perhaps. But the reality is a business providing men who may have problems interacting with real woman a chance to ‘let some steam off’, so to speak. Whether or not this is the best way of dealing with the problem… Well, that’s what your comment is for! What are your thoughts on love doll rental? Head over to Loneleeplanet to discuss the social implications of love dolls, or if your comment is specifically about the rental of love dolls, have your say here ^^.

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