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I finally got around to creating a special page where I give credit for all the images and inspiration I have used when creating the banner images you see in the header at the top of this site. Also, for those of you who haven’t spent time refreshing the main page to see all 4 of the current designs (because, let’s be honest, you’ve got better things to do!), you can see them all on my banners page.

I’m currently in the process of making a new banner based around my journal title ‘Knowing Nothing’. My friend Dave gave me a book about a peculiar piece of wordplay called ‘Ambigrams‘. The concept was created by John Langdon and is basically a word (or words) that can be read even when viewed upside-down, or sometimes even in a mirror! I gave a presentation in Japanese on these neat little things just last week after being thoroughly impressed (and stumped for a topic to give a speech about!)

It’s pretty tricky trying to get ‘Knowing Nothing’ to fit into an attractive ambigram though, but I’m trying! Hopefully I’ll hit on something reasonable in time. It’s good fun too, so why not visit Langdon’s site and read up on how to make them. It can be a fun way to pass the time if you are bored!

Go here to read about creating Ambigrams

2 comments on “On banners & Ambigrams
  1. Johannes Löthberg says:

    “The concept was created by John Langdon”. False.
    In fact, the earliest known ambigram dates back to 1893

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