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…people chewing with their mouth open… *shudder*. It drives me places I’d rather not talk about… Okay, that was just an extension of yesterday’s quiz really. I have little else to say about today, other than that Rob introduced me to *Franz Ferdinand*, whom I think may grow on me quickly. Simon, Rob and myself walked down to meet Heather and Lianne before Japanese today. It was bloody cold all the way, and even more so when we spoke with Jenni briefly on top of the grassy knoll. Okay, a hill, but I couldn’t resist :P. Usually I’m okay with being cold, but I seem to be growing more and more susceptible to it lately…

Japanese was tedious as usual, and it’s getting especially annoying recently because I seem to be the target for the brunt of sensei’s moaning. It’s beyond the point where I can put a comical spin on it anymore, so I hope she cools off before our next lesson or I may not be laughing the next time she complains at me… I still haven’t done a statement for our yearbook, let alone a cover. So if I don’t write one tomorrow, I’ll be a face with no name. Perhaps that’ll be better anyway; hardly anyone in our 6th form knows who I am, and I won’t even be at the year 13 prom. However, I have a much better excuse now than my original, because I will be in Japan!

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