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I had the HTML course with Dave earlier, which means I don’t get time to do homework tonight (having done Japanese as well). Pie and chips from the fish and chip shop for dinner, which I always know will taste like junk before I have it, and it always does…Why on earth do I always get fast food then..?

Anyway, going to Medway Youth Parliament meeting tomorrow on Regeneration with Keiron, so I’ll see how that turns out, and whether it will actually count towards my Duke Of Edinburgh Gold Award (D.O.E). Received email reply from Reading University (like, the umpteenth one now…). Hopefully I’ll have my UCAS done before half term. Hopefully…

I have been advised to drop English AS Level to concentrate on my Maths, which is probably a wise idea anyway, even though I enjoy English. I wasn’t taking the exam in English anyway, which I imagine is making you all beg the question of the what the heck I am doing studying it in the first place. I’m weird. I enjoy the subjects I take, and hence wouldn’t do them otherwise.

And you have probably all guessed it is late without having to to look at the time of posting as my time is significantly more flustered and incoherent. By my terms, anyway… Oh and I’ve gotta comment on Serendipities’ post with a ‘tmesis’ in it. Interesting stuff…And while we are on the subject of oddly spelt words, ‘dreamt’ is the only word in the english language ending in ‘mt’. Wonderful, ne? Lovely choice of music media player decided to pull up…I don’t know whether that was sarcastic or genuiene…In any case,


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