Touring Japan 2010: Day 5 – Rusty Teshi ...

I was planning on going rafting in the wilderness of Oboke today, but I awoke in the manga cafe to the sound of heavy rain... Read more »
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Touring Japan 2010: Day 4 – Ritsurin Pa ...

Just a short update today. I think the heat has been getting to me, and the lack of sleep last night probably didn't help either.... Read more »
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Touring Japan 2010: Day 3 – Art Houses

I awoke in a relaxed manner after a lazy night's sleep with the early morning sun on my face. It looked as though it was going to... Read more »
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Touring Japan 2010: Day 2 – To Naoshima

I was already on the train and leaving Kyoto at 8.30am after Ryosuke had dropped me off at the station. Today's aim was Naoshima,... Read more »
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Touring Japan 2010: Day 1 – Kyoto Drink ...

I must be crazy to take such a trip right in the middle of Japanese summer. The streets are empty in Tokyo and they're talking... Read more »
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Diving on Ishigaki Island

It was my first time visiting the southern Japanese islands of Okinawa. Rather than go to the main island with its legendary... Read more »
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Useful Expressions for Arguing in Japanese

Hop on over to the Japan Times to read my special feature titled "Mastering the Gentle Art of Arguing in Japanese" - an extension... Read more »
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Monkey Island 2: Lechuck’s Revenge Rema ...

Around this time last year I was blogging about the new Tales of Monkey Island and the remake of the original Secret of Monkey... Read more »
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