Red Bean Pepsi

Okay, video time! The new flavour of Pepsi was launched in Japan yesterday. An ambitious Azuki (red-bean) flavour! I called into... Read more »
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Super Mario Cakes and Treats

Here's a selection of some deliciously awesome Japanese Super Mario cakes I found on Flickr. The creator is quite the artist,... Read more »
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The Yaki-Imo Man of Japan

At first a faint wail carried by a distant wind, slowly growing louder and louder into a caterwauling song. As the leaves turn... Read more »
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Anglerfish Ovary & Microscopic Photograp ...

Ever seen what the ovary of that bioluminescent deep sea monstrosity the anglerfish looks like? How about the mouth of a sea... Read more »
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Gakuranman Giveaway Winners!

Alrighty good people. You've been kept waiting enough! Here are the winners are the Gakuranman Giveaway contest that I posted a... Read more »
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Japanese-style Interior Design

A bit of a chance encounter after work today saw me with my first photography job doing some shots for a small Japanese interior... Read more »
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Random Japan Photos 1

Here are a few pictures I've taken walking around my city and whatnot. Loads of interesting stuff to photograph in Japan, and... Read more »
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Aeon Photo Walk

Just a few pictures I've taken recently walking around Aeon in Japan. I'm enjoying using my new Olympus PEN E-P1 camera and... Read more »
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