Learn Japanese with the Gakuranman

Introducing...Me! Michael as the Gakuranman. This is my new teaching persona for the Live Video Learning platform eduFire.com. I... Read more »
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Moral Naturalism

Moral Naturalism - The target of the Open Question Argument - seeks to identify moral properties with natural (worldly)... Read more »
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Onto Expressivism (which comes under the Non-cognitivist camp). Here, philosophers are concerned with value. They don't think... Read more »
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Moral Internalism vs. Moral Externalism

Before jumping into the Expressivist pool, we need somebackground on the debate surrounding Moral Judgement Internalism and Moral... Read more »
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Open Question Argument

Alrighty then. Time for metaethical mayhem! G.E.Moore's Open Question Argument (the OQA, also known as the Naturalistic Fallacy)... Read more »
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Textbook Reformations

So, as a note-taking session for my exam (today!), I decided to very briefly summarise the positions of major political parties... Read more »
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How to make people Angry

Professor Himonya (碑文谷潤教授), the 'rude dude', 'zoomjap' or 'card crusher'. He's perhaps best known in the... Read more »
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Happy Belated New Year! My computer has been down (yet again), this time due to a graphics card failure. Having just got it back... Read more »
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