There She Is!!! Final

After several years, the charming little Korean series created by SamBakZa involving a Cat and Rabbit has come to a close. It's a... Read more »
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Luminescent Mushrooms

Known as 'Heavenly light mushrooms', these bioluminescent fungi are not our usual shade of sapphire blue found often found in the... Read more »
| Bioluminescence |

Christmas Dating in Japan

Illuminations, fashionable restaurants, Christmas cake, KFC, omnipresent Santa Claus avatars, Disneyland and the infamous love... Read more »
| Japan |

Website v3

Finally! After a week of tinkering and tweaking (and tweeting, for that matter), my website (formerly Knowing Nothing) is... Read more »
| Design & Web |

JLPT1 2008 – The Aftermath

After several months of preparation, the 2008 JLPT level 1 finally went down on Sunday. Even after my serious bouts of cramming,... Read more »
| Journal |

QR Codes

Have you heard of QR (Quick Response) codes? I came across them in Japan but didn't realise it was possible to create your own!... Read more »
| Other |

CSS image rollovers

You may have noticed in the past few weeks some small changes on the website. The main update was in giving my header links... Read more »
| Design & Web |

Club Nintendo Member Gifts 2008

It's that time of year again where we all start to get the Christmas feeling, and Nintendo Japan is as early as the rest of them... Read more »
| Japan |
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