Nyoki Nyoki, Mydodolook and Magibon

Youtube videostars - Nyoki Nyoki, Mydodolook and Magibon. This is the new form of entertainment, apparently. These sort of... Read more »
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Squid ties and USB drives

Another deep sea creature-related post that vaguely sings of bioluminescence. Behold! No longer is your USB key bound to those... Read more »
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Metaethics Intro

Back to School! I've entered my final year at University and am taking 3 modules: 'Metaethics' and 'Kant's Critical Philosophy'... Read more »
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Three Quirky Deep Sea Creatures

Three fascinating deep sea creatures strutting their stuff; the Firefly Squid (arguably Japan's most recognisable bioluminescent... Read more »
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JLPT1 is but a month away! Cue stressing out and breakdown. Luckily, the great spaced-repetition program Anki is here to help!... Read more »
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Battle Royale Collar

It's Autumn and yesterday we had the Japanese Society-East Asian Society annual Halloween party. I opted for a last-minute Battle... Read more »
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Knowing Nothing v2

I don't quite know what hit me, but I was suddenly overwhlemed with the urge to re-design my website a couple of days ago. I've... Read more »
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Adventures on Yakushima

Finally, at long last! I made it to the green island of Yakushima, tucked snugly away below Kyushu in the South of Japan. It's a... Read more »
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