Watermarking images

Protecting images (or at least attempting to). That's been my most recent mission in dabblings with digital media. I umm-ed and... Read more »
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Panty Vending Machines

Underwear! In vending machines! I'd heard the stories for years, at how select dodgy locations in Akihabara and other districts... Read more »
| Japan |

CD Rental in Japan

Most people probably know and accept that copying rented media is illegal in the same way downloading music and films is. So it... Read more »
| Japan |

Absence – in Japan

I should probably just explain my prolonged absence recently - I've been back in Japan! I'm here until early September and have... Read more »
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Ricoh GX100

So I finally succumbed and bought a new camera in preparation for my next adventure in Japan. I very had nearly forsaken my... Read more »
| Photography |

Japanese csv database

Things have been pretty busy on Knowing Nothing recently. Finally, after many trials and tribulations, I succeeded in adding a... Read more »
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Spider art and plucking

In a recent post about my attempts at some high-energy Spiderman Para Para, I mentioned one of the two artists, Hayoung Joo, was... Read more »
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Hume’s Moral Philosophy

In his 'Treatise', Hume targets rationalism and is most noted for saying that 'reason is the slave of the passions' and... Read more »
| Philosophy |
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