Oh Dear! I Shall Be Too Late!

white-rabbit Over the past few months (or perhaps years), I've increasingly become aware of my tendency to become fixated on people in other... Read more »
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Carpe Diem

dragonfly Carpe diem. Seize the day, boys. Make your lives extraordinary. -John Keating, Dead Poet’s Society... Read more »
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Horonai Coal Mine Substation

T'was the brink of winter in mainland Japan when haikyo buddy Florian and I decided to venture north. Our joint adventures in... Read more »
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Gakuranman.com Website and Logo

gakuranman-v6a It's that time again. Yet another spasm of tinkering, tweaking, coding, designing and, of course, consuming copious amounts of... Read more »
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Haikyo Sandy Claws for Christmas

doll-shrine-santa Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas everybody! I hope you're enjoying the holiday, wherever you might happen to be in the world. This year... Read more »
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Haikyo Adventures in Snow Country

mystery-snow-driving Here's little teaser of my recent trip with haikyo buddy Florian to the northernmost prefecture of Japan - Hokkaido. What a trip... Read more »
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Top 50 Japanese Buzzwords of 2012

rola-wide Another year, 50 hot buzzwords nominated from Japanese publisher Jiyu Kokuminsha to capture the Zeitgeist. The prize has been... Read more »
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Abandoned Tuberculosis Sanatorium for Childre ...

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Haikyo hospitals are undoubtedly some of the most interesting urbex places to explore anywhere in the world. In Japan they range... Read more »
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