I Took the Road Less Traveled By

Since my earlier post, I've been sitting on a bundle of comments in a rather surprising response to my naked outpouring of worry... Read more »
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Oh Dear! I Shall Be Too Late!

Over the past few months (or perhaps years), I've increasingly become aware of my tendency to become fixated on people in other... Read more »
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Carpe Diem

Carpe diem. Seize the day, boys. Make your lives extraordinary. -John Keating, Dead Poet’s Society... Read more »
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Horonai Coal Mine Substation

T'was the brink of winter in mainland Japan when haikyo buddy Florian and I decided to venture north. Our joint adventures in... Read more »
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Gakuranman.com Website and Logo

It's that time again. Yet another spasm of tinkering, tweaking, coding, designing and, of course, consuming copious amounts of... Read more »
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Haikyo Sandy Claws for Christmas

Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas everybody! I hope you're enjoying the holiday, wherever you might happen to be in the world. This year... Read more »
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Haikyo Adventures in Snow Country

Here's little teaser of my recent trip with haikyo buddy Florian to the northernmost prefecture of Japan - Hokkaido. What a trip... Read more »
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Top 50 Japanese Buzzwords of 2012

Another year, 50 hot buzzwords nominated from Japanese publisher Jiyu Kokuminsha to capture the Zeitgeist. The prize has been... Read more »
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