Colour in the Deep Sea

Ever wondered why the sky and ocean are blue? But why is water near the coast usually green? And how about animals in the deep,... Read more »
| Bioluminescence |

JLPT2 2007 Results

I finally got the results for the Japanese Language Proficiency test I took at the end of last year about a week ago. I've been... Read more »
| Journal |

The World of Golden Eggs

The World of Golden Eggs da yo! Your life is impoverished if you haven't seen Golden Eggs before! It's a Japanese animation set... Read more »
| Other |

Smash Brothers Brawl!

Dairantou Smash Brothers X! I finally got my hands on the Japanese Wii import about a week ago along with Mario Galaxy and the... Read more »
| Journal, Other |

Hot CROC and Rasputin

Hot Caramelised Red Onion Chutney (Hot CROC)! A Somerfield wonder! I mentioned this stuff a while ago during a particularly bad... Read more »
| Journal, Other |

Japanese Speech Contest 2008

On 2nd February at Imperial College London, the Third Japanese Speech Contest for University Students took place. Applications... Read more »
| Japan, Journal |

Crying – that lump in your throat

What causes that lump in your throat when you cry? Being 'all choked up'? That tightening sensation that grips you when you are... Read more »
| Other |

Reading philosophy

Who are the philosophers you would no doubt read if only you had the time? How about the philosophers you suspect that everyone... Read more »
| Journal |
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