Gettier Cases

Gettier cases! Cases of our beloved Justified True Belief (JTB) account of knowledge gone wrong! Edmund Gettier famously gave... Read more »
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Justified True Belief

As we saw last time, the standard Closure Argument for knowledge seems to hold some problems. Indeed, it even gives fuel to the... Read more »
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Closure Argument

Okay! Back into Philosophy again. The focus over the next few days will be Epistemology (the theory of knowledge). I wrote a... Read more »
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Left-brain Right-brain

Which side of your brain is the dominant side? I'm sure you've heard this question before or taken some sort of psychological... Read more »
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Moral Anti-Realism

Moral Anti-Realists tell a different story to that of Moral Realists. According to them, there are no moral facts or properties.... Read more »
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Moral Realism

Let's begin the debate by focussing on the possibility that there are objectively existing moral facts. Realist views accept the... Read more »
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Ersatz Modal Realism

Also known as 'Moderate' or 'Actualist' Modal Realism. Unlike Lewis's Genuine Modal Realism, EMR has varied tenets and thus I... Read more »
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Problems with Modal Realism

Okay, so we're well under way. We have a theory of Possible Worlds, which looks nice and really helps us (okay, perhaps just... Read more »
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