Known as 'the Angels of the Sea', these squishy little creatures captured my imagination while travelling around Hokkaido in... Read more »
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Brown Penny

"Ah, penny, brown penny, brown penny. I am looped in the loops of her hair." I first heard this poem watching the film 'Must... Read more »
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Knowing Nothing relaunched!

Finally after two years, several false starts and a blank homepage, I've dug myself out the time to properly customise and set up... Read more »
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Trying Fugu

河豚 - River pig! Beloved blowfish. Admired for it's quirkiness and puffiness. Forgive me for masticating on you. Absolve me... Read more »
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At the University of Leeds!

We arrived on Sunday in a true embarrassing style. Everybody else packed into normal cars and us with a hire van twice as long as... Read more »
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Update, update. I've been talking *a lot* today. I went in to my old secondary school to give a short speech to the current... Read more »
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Random quiz

I will give a proper update soon, but it's 5.05am and I've still not got back into a good sleeping pattern. I've been up... Read more »
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Surfing on the gentle hum of air

My computer is in a state of stability! (he says, praying not to jinx it...) All that remains for me to is modify the graphics... Read more »
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