Return and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

I came back safely last Thursday but didn't get home until early evening. I haven't been up to much really; doctor's... Read more »
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In Tokyo

I made it back from Shodoshima, my feet cursing me, however, and my shoulder muscles having painful twinges from bearing a... Read more »
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To Shodoshima

Things have been been pretty busy these last two weeks, not that I'm complaining about it, as it's mainly down to farewell... Read more »
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大山 - Literally: 'big mountain'. It was the Sunday following the Jack Johnson concert that Kyunai Ayaka-san's enthusiasm for... Read more »
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Jack Johnson and Shodoshima

It's odd that I've forgotten to include the topic in my posts, but Sunday saw me heading out to the Zepp Hall in Osaka to see... Read more »
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The Power of the Sith

Not that I usually plug many things, nor have the time to, but this one my mum sent me deserves to be posted. What else but the... Read more »
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Thoughts on work

It occurs to me that if I don`t start writing in this now, I may never get around to it before I return home. Considering my... Read more »
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Back at Shiso

My travels are over, at least, the main bulk of them. I don`t envision myself taking off abroad again before I return to England... Read more »
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