Three months!

That`s right, I`ve reached the approximate halfway mark of my stay already. Can you believe it? It`s actually more if you count... Read more »
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My address again

I`ve changed a minor mistake in the postcode - your mail has been getting here, but I thought it wise, the postcode is 671 4243... Read more »
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Gion Odori and Shiso Home

Considering the large part of my posts have been about the trips out, I figured I`d spend most of this one talking about the... Read more »
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Matsuri, typhoon, Kyoto, Kobe and studying

Wow. A lot has happened since I posted my last entry, so I`m currently sitting here, diary in lap, under a beautifully warm... Read more »
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Himeji and the screaming deer

Not necessarily related at all, but I thought it`d make for an interesting title! This weekend saw the 4 rural GAP volunteers... Read more »
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This weekend just past, the 4 of us (Harima and Shiso Gappers) met up with our Japanese teacher, Maeda-sensei, and her younger... Read more »
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Osaka and Yamasaki

Seeing as I haven`t updated in a while, there`s a lot to say and little time to say it all. I`ll begin by thanking those who have... Read more »
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Shiso address

Today was slightly better than normal; I got to watch caligraphy (not particpate in, unfortunately, because I thik it`s something... Read more »
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