More from Shiso

Coming to you from Bokusho-san`s Temple, Wednesday evening. We are at the tea ceremony again - just as good a second time ^_^.... Read more »
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At Shiso

So, I`ve been at Shiso Home about a week now and the reason for the lack of updates is simply because we have to pay for the... Read more »
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GAP Japan Diary – Beginning!

Hey hey all. This is the first update from right here in Tokyo, Japan! The flight went relatively well, aside from the fact they... Read more »
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Final Farewells

We (the Japanese group) went to London on Wednesday to have our final day out together as a GCSE group. We will see each other... Read more »
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GCSE Japanese result

Wooo! I met up with my friends from Japanese at CGSB (my school) a couple of hours ago today to collect our GCSE Japanese results... Read more »
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Froglet photography

I took my sister to the cinema tonight to see ‘The Village’ (recommended). We had McDonalds and I tried one of their new... Read more »
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Japan Pictures – Xtra!

Okay, here are a few edited/unseen pictures (unless you visited my image site to see them all), that I thought were nice. I... Read more »
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A Level results and Japan Diary!

Please go *here* for the GCSE Japan Diary 2004! - It structures the page so they are in readable order :P, so ignore the odd... Read more »
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