Friday July 16th

Friday July 16th Flight home We had to get up at 5.00am today to catch a bus out to Narita airport – only 3 hours sleep!.... Read more »
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Thursday July 15th

Thursday July 15th Studio Ghibli Museum & Ayako Today we set off early to meet Ayako, Sumiko (Ayako’s mother) and... Read more »
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Wednesday July 14th

Wednesday July 14th Tsurumine High School – Day 3 This was our final day at Tsurumine High School. Okaasan made me obento... Read more »
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Tuesday July 13th

Tuesday July 13th Tsurumine High School – Day 2 Today was fantastic! I got up about 7.00am, had breakfast (a couple of... Read more »
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Monday July 12th

Monday July 12th Tsurumine High School – Day 1 A large part of the day was occupied travelling and we had an hour’s... Read more »
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Sunday July 11th

Sunday July 11th Tokyo Tower & Edo-Tokyo Museum Today was the trip to the Edo-Tokyo museum, which was interesting, and... Read more »
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Saturday July 10th

Saturday July 10th Nijo Palace It was raining heavily as I awoke this morning, with some flashes of lightning and thunder.... Read more »
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Friday July 9th

Friday July 9th Himeji Castle and Hiroshima We left really early today to take the Shinkansen to Himeji Castle. Heather and... Read more »
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