I’m off to the Peak District

Yep, I leave in about half an hour and I won't be back until Tuesday. I might well be unable to walk by then though; it depends... Read more »
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In a hole

Just finished watching ‘The Hole’ that my sister taped. It’s a surprisingly good horror film actually - every twist in it... Read more »
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I’ve got a golden ticket!

I’ve just found out reading on the new official Oingo Boingo website that Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is set to be... Read more »
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Gilbert’s Syndrome

I’ve just returned from the Doctor’s to talk about the results of that blood test I had before I went to Japan. Apparently I... Read more »
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Japan – return

I suppose I should update this briefly to let everyone know I’m actually back. Also, apologies for the mistake in the last post... Read more »
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Japan beckons!

Alrighty. I'm off to Japan tomorrow for 10 days and it's very likely I would update or check email at all, unless I get a lucky... Read more »
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Room 101

Last night was good fun. I met Simon at Rainham station and we joined up with Jenni, Dave, Lianne and Chris on the train, and... Read more »
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GAP interview

I had my GAP interview in Reading today. They phoned me up at short notice to say they had a vacancy and since I’d spoken to... Read more »
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