What in the hell??

I've just come back from having dinner to find my msn contact list butchered! Half of my contacts, including most of them from... Read more »
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*Phew* I cycled to Riverside Country Park today, which took about 25 minutes, but was painful for me due to my complete lack of... Read more »
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Brief tadpole update

Rough tadpole count: 14 Froglet count 0 Froglets released 1 Development: The other tadpoles have begun to get fatter and a... Read more »
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Gap year form

Damn. Damn. Damn. I can't believe I didn't realise this. The reason my application hasn't been processed yet is because I... Read more »
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Had my R.S synoptic paper today, which went quite well I think. I just have General Studies tomorrow and then the dark Mechanics... Read more »
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RHCP and Colindale

I really should get a move on and update this, because I have to revise P2 for my exam tomorrow morning… So yesterday I... Read more »
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R.S. & Odd meme

I had 2 of my 3 R.S. papers yesterday, which Lee and I had to do a full day's cramming session on Tuesday for. I've never done... Read more »
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The prom on Friday was excellent, although there’s not much enthusiasm in that statement right now. I’ve felt really awful... Read more »
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