4 exams

I had 4 exams today. 2 Design & Technology papers, Pure maths 3 and Japanese writing. I’m glad this day is out the way now.... Read more »
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Tadpole safari

Rough tadpole count: 19 Development: I only counted about 19 tadpoles today, so either I miscounted originally or there are some... Read more »
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I've done a little more maths revision lately; having gone around Heather's to pick up the tadpoles and staying to revise. We had... Read more »
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How the rain falls…

You're Most Like The Season Winter ...You're often depicted as the cold, distant season. But you're incredibly... Read more »
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Hayfever… Oh joy.

My hay fever has really kicked in these past two days. Yesterday I helped out a little bit with cleaning out the pond in the back... Read more »
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Japanese exams

My mechanics re-sit didn’t go as well as I would have liked yesterday. They seem to always find some new method of delivering... Read more »
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Official final day & MYP

So that’s it then, officially. Secondary school is over. Today was the final day for year 13. I can’t say I’ve been much... Read more »
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Update update update

Yes. My public updates have become far and few much more recently. Even the friend’s entries are non-existent... Though I can... Read more »
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