Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

1.Go into your journal archives. 2.Find your 26th post (or closest to). 3.Find the fifth sentence (or closest to). 4.Post the... Read more »
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Eternal sunshine of the morally stainless min ...

I'm sure there'll be more than a few writings about the new Jim Carrey film including the quote by Alexander Pope's poem... Read more »
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Handicamp diary

Handicamp 2004 Diary Bear in mind that some parts of this are edited, but for most of the diary, it’s as I wrote it late at... Read more »
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Handicamp return

I have returned. I'm exhausted and a little sad now the departure has actually sunk in. I'm far too tired to write anything now,... Read more »
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Pre-Handicamp & work

Wow. Long time no update… Even for the people who can view locked posts.. I suppose it’s a good thing, because it means I’m... Read more »
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Parents evening & Sensei

Well, things have been marginally better since my last (locked) entry. I have a damn awful cold that sucked away whatever energy... Read more »
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Chisai sakana!

Whoo! Sensei gave us some little snack bags of Japanese nuts and such. There were also some tiny salty fish inside that were put... Read more »
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Reading, rainbows and status anxiety

So today I ventured back up to Reading University with my dad. I made him listen to the Franz Ferdinand album on the way there,... Read more »
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