The Square Knot

Hmmm. *Clears throat*. This is one of the more casual knots, aimed more towards use if the home. It can be used to ordain... Read more »
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琥珀 – Kohaku!

Yes, and that means 'Amber' in Japanese which, aside from being my favourite stone, was one of the main characters in the 'Wish'... Read more »
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*Phew*. I'm back, not particularly exhausted, but I am feeling the stress of the amount of things that appear to be cropping up... Read more »
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Blitz Downloading

More blitz-downloading today. I managed to start working about 8.30, but I fizzled out by 1.00pm. I've had enough D&T this... Read more »
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Drowning in paper to Japanese lyrics…

I've been continuing with my design & technology folder today, as I was yesterday. I've made some progress, which is good. I... Read more »
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MYP visit & Wai-sun’s Monty Python ...

Very busy Monday/Tuesday this week. First up, I had a Medway Youth Parliament visit to the Houses of Parliament. The group set... Read more »
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Trigonometric Identities

Oh joy. Oh yes. It's another awful maths post, so feel free just to skip right over this. I only type these things up because... Read more »
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And so half term approaches…

Usually I would look forward to half term, but for these final 8 weeks of school I'm going to have to just saddle myself down and... Read more »
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