One more thing I hate…

...people chewing with their mouth open... *shudder*. It drives me places I'd rather not talk about... Okay, that was just an... Read more »
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‘Christian Ethics hang by a divine thre ...

Okay... Well I found that funny, but it is a philosophy in-joke, because you have to realise there is a theory called the 'Divine... Read more »
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Busy week…

Last Saturday I went bowling with some friends, moving on to Rochester where we bought baked goods and sweets from an old... Read more »
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Birth Month Meme

I will write about Wai-sun's part(ies) and the Sakura evening tomorrow night hopefully... Stolen from '' RULES: 1. Put... Read more »
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‘The Barley Method’

Ho ho ho. Mr. Barley has done it again. Provided an interesting maths lesson? Yes. Made me laugh? Yes. But this time we got the... Read more »
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Random update…

I'm currently transferring all my files across hard disks since I bought a new 120 Gigabyte one yesterday to replace my dodgy 60G... Read more »
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You are Form 0, Phoenix: The Eternal."And The Phoenix's cycle had reached zenith, so he consumed himself in fire. He emerged... Read more »
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BBFC rating, Blair wins and Auras o.O;

My life has been rated: See what your rating is! So I'm a 12, after changing one answer on a retake, because... Read more »
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