A Beautiful Kobushime-chan

Back last year, I visited Ishigakijima, an island south of mainland Okinawa. It was my first time visiting the Ryukyu Islands,... Read more »
| Bioluminescence, Photography |

The Jimonjitou Days

I awoke this morning with a head full of dreams. Reflections of the past, placed haphazardly in imagined settings. The face of a... Read more »
| Journal |

Deserted Dolphin Island Ruins in Okinawa

Far across the seas in southern Japan lie the Ryukyu Islands, a subtropical archipelago that offers an experience quite unlike... Read more »
| Haikyo / Ruins |

Radiation Scare in Setagaya

The way the media reports on radiation these days, you might be forgiven for thinking the whole of Japan has fallen foul to... Read more »
| Japan |

A fresh start with the journal

From the journal of Michael Gakuran... When I originally started my own website, after years of Livejournal abuse, I wanted to... Read more »
| Journal |

The Heavens Open on Hashima

The sea lashed out angrily at the boat and waves threatened to throw me overboard, but my mind was instantly quieted by the... Read more »
| Photography |

A Brush with the Law at a Haikyo Hotel

Arriving at the haikyo hotel was relatively straightforward. A train ride to the nearest station and a long walk along a road... Read more »
| Haikyo / Ruins |

Iori Tomita’s New World Transparent Spe ...

Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent. - Ludwig Wittgenstein. So goes the age-old philosopher's quote on the... Read more »
| Japan |
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