Touring Lake Biwa on a Mama Chari Bicycle

A couple of weeks ago I headed out with a group of friends from work to take on the challenge of touring Lake Biwa, the largest... Read more »
| Adventure, Japan |

Thoughts on Discussing Other Cultures

"To ask is a moment's embarrassment, but to not ask will bring a lifetime of shame." So goes the Japanese proverb:... Read more »
| Japan |

The Foul Stink of the Japan Snake Center

The Japan Snake Center isn't really a haikyo, or it shouldn't be. An active facility with a rather steep 1000 yen entry fee, some... Read more »
| Haikyo / Ruins |

Great Tohoku Earthquake (Latest)

I'll be updating this post with ongoing announcements about the huge earthquake that is occurring in the Tohoku region of Japan.... Read more »
| Japan |

Great Tohoku Earthquake 5

Aftershocks seem to gradually be getting less and less and the situation at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant is, while... Read more »
| Japan |

Ruminations on Citizen Journalism and Media B ...

This past week has been truly life-changing. Japan has suffered at the hands of one of the strongest earthquakes the world has... Read more »
| Japan |

Great Tohoku Earthquake 4

We are approaching 2 weeks since the great earthquake. The situation appears to have calmed down somewhat with less aftershocks... Read more »
| Japan |

Great Tohoku Earthquake 3

A week has passed since The Great Three Trials of Japan began. First a tremendous earthquake, second a destructive tsunami and... Read more »
| Japan |
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