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*Phew* I cycled to Riverside Country Park today, which took about 25 minutes, but was painful for me due to my complete lack of exercise over the past 6-12 months. Hopefully I’ll start doing at least 3 half hour sessions a week from now on to get fitter, and maybe start Badminton again. It was slightly overcast this morning and started to rain as I set off in just a t-shirt and lightweight walking trousers, but fortunately it had brightened up by the time I got there. I brought my camera with me to try out the lens I bought on Ebay a few months ago, so I’ll have to get the pictures developed before I go to Japan to check it’s okay.

Riverside was pretty good. There were plenty of people there; including what seemed to be a group of young foreign people (Australian, perhaps?) and a group of elderly artists that set themselves up along the bank later on in the day ^^. Although it was a little boring at first -which could have been down to the headache I got from the ride there – I managed to get a few pictures including ducks, a butterfly and an old couple holding hands (taken from behind). I think they caught onto the fact because they turned around and walked in my direction after I’d taken it ^^; hehe.

I finished off the roll of film with a couple of pictures of the resident frog in our back garden. We think a cat may have attacked him, because he had a gash on the back of his head and seemed pretty lethargic. Hopefully he’ll be okay. That’s the only thing I really hate cats for, even though it’s just instinct I suppose…

Rough tadpole count: 11
Froglet count 0
Froglets released 1
Development: Only the fact that there are now observably fewer tadpoles that I started with… Either their cannibalistic nature has lowered the numbers, or something else is happening. I’m really not sure o.O
Other observations: Fish have what seem to be small bellies now and are easy to spot in the tank with their beady eyes. Gluttonous little mites they are…

2 comments on “Riverside
  1. anonymous says:

    that’s why they have so many mike, a few are bound to die off!

  2. anonymous says:

    that’s why they have so many mike, a few are bound to die off!

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