Roly Poly Cat Egg for Christmas?

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Since it’s Christmas, I figured this week’s Omoshiro Zakka (Interesting Items) should be Christmas themed. But you’d be surprised at how boring the average goods are that depict Christmas. Santa in underwear is your closest bet… So instead, let’s take a look at the Yura-Koro Tamago Nyanko!


ゆらコロたまごにゃんこ – The ‘Roly Poly Cat Egg’ (oh, I have translator’s artistic license on that!) is everything you could want in a hand-held friend. Cute. Round. And Cute. Did I mention that it also meows when you prod it suspiciously?


The concept is simple. Take Roly-Poly Cat Egg out of packaging. Rest our new kitten ‘Roly’ in palm of hand. Poke Roly until he begs for forgiveness in the manner that plastic Cat-Egg hybrids do. You will be won over by the cuteness. It is futile trying to resist, especially that it now come in 5 types of mind-melting kawaii.


Now, be aware that while cuteness is guaranteed, your sanity is not. I have no idea what the average human attention span for Roly-Poly Cat Eggs is, but I imagine it to be between 8 and 21 minutes, give or take 5 minutes either way to account for whether or not you are surrounded by cute girls or grumpy guys.


It’s a self-righting toy (起き上がりこぼし) and comes with 2 types of ‘Meow’ voice! Text reads: If you poke me like that I’ll go meOWwwW!


So yes, you can buy your very own Roly Poly Cat Egg here on Amazon for about 700 yen. Please note that love comes separately.

Have a very Merry Christmas now ^_^.

Source: Rakuten.

5 comments on “Roly Poly Cat Egg for Christmas?
  1. Wow. lol. Rolly Polly Cat Egg….If it was 200 or 300 JPY I would most definitely buy one in seconds, but they might be pushing their luck for 700 JPY…
    Then again, how cute sounding is that meow? We always had a family cat or two back in the states but in Japan I can't own pets….so maybe this will fulfill the void of cats in my daily life? lol.

  2. Gakuranman says:

    Haha! Merry Christmas :)

  3. Biggimon says:

    *nyaaaaan~* I definetely need that one.. I guess it's supposed to be a moodlightener.. or something like that. Definetely something wich is not essencial, but none the less nice to have – as a girl I might say. *grin* Oh, my. I get jolly ideas of making it “meeow” all the time to annoy all my friends and family….

    Merry Christmas Micheal!

  4. Gakuranman says:

    But still! You have been overcome by the cuteness :p

  5. Delphine says:

    Waa I want it! I'd probably get sick of it after five minutes… But still!

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