Room 101

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Last night was good fun. I met Simon at Rainham station and we joined up with Jenni, Dave, Lianne and Chris on the train, and later Rob and Wai-sun in London. We had dinner at Zipangu first – all crowded into the small cavern area on the lower floor – which was great food and service as always ^_^. I had a salmon fry bento (lunchbox meal) and for dessert some of us even tried the green tea ice cream, which was surprisingly good. We went to the filming of Room 101 afterwards, with guest Michael Gambon (the new Dumbledore from Harry Potter). Some of the things he wanted to put into the room were pretty odd (UPVC window frames, education and birthdays), but the whole thing was funny anyway, especially after the outburst Jenni gave to the ‘comedian’ that came on before the show:

Comedian: ‘Do we have any students in the audience..?’
Audience: *Long pause*
Jenni: ‘Oh for God’s sake!’
Audience: Stunned silence – mass of heads turning to our group
Jenni: ‘This is the third time I’ve been here and you do the same thing every time!!’

I have to give the guy some credit though, because he turned what followed into some appropriate material and in the end he didn’t look outspoken. Probably the first fresh thing he’s done in a while; you shouldn’t give him new material, Jenni! All the same, kudos to her for speaking out :P hehe

The only other notable thing was on the train on the way home. Wai-sun and Rob had bought some ‘Magic Plastic’ from their visit to the Science Museum earlier that day, so we had fun making some odd things from it – a doughnut and a warped fungi/demented snowman managed to take shape by the time the train pulled into Chatham ^^;. Nice evening out though, and I didn’t get back so late that I felt awfully tired at work today.

I’m currently giving the Muse albums I borrowed from Rob (Lindsay), and copied months ago, another listen. Not bad at all ^^.

Rough tadpole count: 9… or, err, 8…
Froglet count 0
Froglets released 1
Development: Yep, I visually confirmed it today. The blasted cannibals! I don’t know whether it was one that died through a weakness (or through something I’ve done wrong) or if another tadpole killed their own kind, but I saw it ferociously gnawing on the remains of one today :(. That explains the decreasing numbers (originally around 22, remember). I think I read overcrowding can spur it, or if they get a taste for meat, such as eating a shrimp (poor, poor Jacques Junior :(…). I think it could also be explained by the fact that I put bloodworm into the tank a week or so ago; that may have triggered it. I also saw one swimming erratically, twisting up and down and spinning, which I think is disorientation and a bad sign – usually tends towards fatality. Unless he’s just doing somersaults for fun, he could be the next meal for the rest… :\
Other observations: Put in some more weed from the pond today, which is like a mass of hair or string, all clumped together. There’s not much else I can do to stop the cannibalism now, short of putting them in isolation tanks. They wouldn’t be very smart if they ate each other down to just one would they? Let’s hope that doesn’t happen…

2 comments on “Room 101
  1. odysafinal says:

    omg canabalised tad polls, cooool.:P
    Oh well still have 9 left, hopefully you’ll get a frog out of one of them!!!:)

  2. odysafinal says:

    omg canabalised tad polls, cooool.:P
    Oh well still have 9 left, hopefully you’ll get a frog out of one of them!!!:)

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