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Again, another extract from the RPG I’m participating in:

John strolled through the park as the morning sun breathed a canopy of warmth unto the dew-covered carpet of cherry blossoms. The peculiar but gratifying sight of vibrant pink provided a welcoming change to the now relatively few handfuls of greenery left on the ground. The meticulously crafted trees climbing out of the glowing sea like age-old war victims; battered, bent but retaining a mystical awe of self-righteousness and majesty. It wasn’t unusual for people to be seen roaming the soft blanket at all manner of hours, enjoying its peaceful essence. Yes. Spring in Japan was often as regal as it was portrayed to be, perhaps even psychedelic in fashion, not unlike a scene imagined by The Beatles. John however, couldn’t help but feel somewhat inadequate, a nomad if you will, amongst all the smitten couples interspersed about the park.

He chose a shaded spot beneath one of the many wise trees, away from the majority of couples that seemed to be gliding. A courtyard for impassioned souls. he thought, smiling, as he sat; his legs loosely placed about his figure. People watching. What better a pastime..?

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