Shadows on the Ceiling

By Michael Gakuran | | Photography | 3 Comments |

Alone inside the auditorium of a haikyo Motor Lodge. It was a peaceful place; very still, but with a heaviness to the air. The empty stage was longing for performers. But me, I couldn’t help be drawn to the stepped ceiling above. What lurked within those shadows, having so hurriedly scuttled away from the invading light? What was keeping me company..?

This particular location was one of my first explores, along with fellow adventurers Lee, MJG and Canadian Mike. I hadn’t even yet mastered the ISO setting on my E-P1 despite using a tripod, which resulted in the graininess to this shot. Hidden in this picture near the door is a 1994 Chunichi Dragons doll, the mascot of the Nagoya-based baseball team.

3 comments on “Shadows on the Ceiling
  1. Martin Emmerich says:

    Without grainyness the picture were only half as good. Call it serendipity…

  2. Anonymous says:

    I take it from the doll that this is somewhere in Aichi?

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