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I’ve done a little more maths revision lately; having gone around Heather’s to pick up the tadpoles and staying to revise. We had a barbecue in the evening afterwards and went night fishing to get the tadpoles in a special tadpole-sized fishing net ^_^. We saw 3 newts and then 2 frogs huddled together in a corner during the hunt, and I also managed to catch some small shrimp like morsel resembling Jacques from ‘Finding Nemo’ :P.

Since I’ve set up the tadpoles in my old fish tank, I’ll be doing a progress check on my journal while they grow up. So I’ll start today and put in a note every post.

Rough tadpole count: 22
Development: The tadpoles I received from Heather range in size from about 10mm to about 20mm. All have a large tail and beady little eyes already. I’ll be keeping a look out for possible newt larvae that I may have caught, but I think they are all tadpoles from frogs.
Other observations: 2 or 3 small shrimp like creatures and a very tiny worm that was twisting around in the pond water. I’ve added pondweed for food for the time being.

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