The Square Knot

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Hmmm. *Clears throat*. This is one of the more casual knots, aimed more towards use if the home. It can be used to ordain bathrobe cords, or even long scarves, and it is at its best when the four-panelled knot can neatly fill the V-shape in an open blouse or shirt. Some Americans even refer to this knot as the ‘Japanese crown knot’, ‘rustler’s knot’ or even the ‘Chinese good luck knot’.

Alrighty. I borrowed a book on knots from our school library. This is the third time I’ve withdrawn it, but I intend to actually put it to some use this time instead of have it sit on my bedroom floor. The knot I described above is just a simple one I wanted to try when I saw my mum putting on a scarf today, but it doesn’t really pull up around the neck all that well. *Shrug*. It’s quite an aesthetic knot, regardless ^_^;. That’s about all that was interesting today. I showed my sister Weebl and Bob for the first time and burned a CD for her. Oh, and watched ‘8 Simple Rules’ on the Disney channel, which I highly recommend. ‘Tis a hilarious show ^_^.

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