Tuesday July 6th

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GCSE Japan Diary 2004

Tuesday July 6th


I arrived at school early (rushing, after turning the alarm off and oversleeping!) and ended up on the Ghibli minibus. The group had been split into two – Bandai and Ghibli – depending on which museum we would be going to later in the trip. The journey was relatively quick and I spoke to Heather for most of it.

Our first flight was a two-hour one to Frankfurt, Germany, but the group was inadvertently split up again after a blunder with the flight number. So five of the group (Heather, Phil, Lianne, Chris and Joe) were to meet us in Frankfurt where we would all take the really long flight out to Osaka. Mr Irving and myself decided to go to the terminal the five would arrive at to meet them, after our flight came in before there’s. However, there was a big mess after Mr Irving and I got split up, trying our best to figure out which of the two different sets of instructions given to us by the German guards was the correct one. I found the group eventually, but we subsequently had to spend another half an hour looking for Mr. Irving again. I suppose it was a bit silly of us to go and meet them after they had been told to go straight to them terminal we would depart from, although none of them seemed to show an ounce of gratitude at all for our effort and refused to even stop walking when I was trying to explain what was going on. Not a good start…

We took off on the connecting flight to Osaka Kansai airport quite smoothly (and with everyone this time), but some of the group was split up. The journey was extremely long (11 hours), and the time passed really slowly. I didn’t manage to get any decent sleep at all, apart from dozing. Partway through the trip, Wai-sun and I tried to photograph the setting sun through the plane window, which resulted in a nice rainbow effect in the picture, and I also sampled some of Heather’s music on her iriver.

I managed to make her listen to Oingo Boingo a bit as well :P Bwahah! I walked across the isle to speak to Dave and the others a little and stretch my legs at various points on the flight. 11 hours is a long time to spend sitting down! I really hope I can stay in touch with the group. It’s saddening to think this might be the last time we really bond together…

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