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Yes. My public updates have become far and few much more recently. Even the friend’s entries are non-existent… Though I can partially attribute it to the stresses of my A-levels and extra work I’m doing, I know it’s just lack of effort as well. There’s little to tell really. I went to see Incubus on Saturday evening, who were good, albeit a test for my ears o.O;. I didn’t manage to do much revision over the weekend, but I’ve been doing a lot more in school, and I’ve begun to extend that into after school revision as well now.

Panic! My first exam (a maths re-sit) is next Monday, followed by Japanese reading and listening papers on Tuesday. I’ve been really sullen at school recently, which is not entirely down to exams stresses, but I know they don’t help things. I’m gonna have to organise a tuxedo for this prom soon as well, and sort out University finance and accommodation. Despite all my best judgments, I’m going to have to be stressed for the next month or so, because I can’t adopt the attitude that exams are only a small part of life at a time like this…I wouldn’t be able to focus properly.

I like the song that’s playing at the moment. I got the artist name (Trans-Siberian Orchestra) through an Oingo Boingo friend online *waves if you read this*, pretty neat stuff…At least this song is ^_^. They do heavy rock style Christmas songs and classical music :P

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