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Here’s a video-photo slideshow of my trip to Yakushima (屋久島), the green island in southern Japan, famed for its ancient cedar trees (yakusugi) and captivating forests. I went there for a 3-day trip with a couple of Japanese friends late summer 2008.

I have already posted a detailed account of my trip there which you can find here: Adventures on Yakushima, but I feel just one post can’t do this magical place justice. That’s why I decided to create this video-photo montage of my memories, backed by the melodic voice of 池田綾子 (Ayako Ikeda) singing the song 星降る森 (The Forest where Stars Fall). I tried to match up the lyrics to the photos, so if you understand Japanese, tell me what you think! I hope you enjoy it.

This also completes my entry for this month’s Japansoc.org matsuri ^^. Yakushima is officially my favourite place in Japan.

Here are the lyrics to the song if you are interested:

『星降る森』 池田綾子

海遥か いにしえの深い森に

星になった人たちが ただ一夜の想い
恋人に伝えるため 森に降り注ぐ

「愛するひとよ 忘れないで」と
千年の果てに もう一度結ばれよう


争いや違う言葉 なぜ分かり合えずに
人々は光の花 枯らしてゆくのだろう

千年の果ても その花を咲かせよう

無数の願いを その枝に受け 天を目指して
森は生きてゆく 千年の果てまでも

千年の果ても 我を抱き給え

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