Monthly Archives: August 2004

Final Farewells

We (the Japanese group) went to London on Wednesday to have our final day out together as a GCSE group. We will see each other again, and there will be other days out and reunions, but we’ll never do so in quite the same way again, sadly. But regardless, we made the best of it, […]
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GCSE Japanese result

Wooo! I met up with my friends from Japanese at CGSB (my school) a couple of hours ago today to collect our GCSE Japanese results and open them together. Everyone there got A*s!! I’m glad these two years have come out just as fruitful academically as they have been building friendships *^_^*.
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Froglet photography

I took my sister to the cinema tonight to see ‘The Village’ (recommended). We had McDonalds and I tried one of their new ‘Salads Plus’ items, which was actually pretty good. The first time I’ve been able to eat McDonalds and not feel sick; well, not counting the stop we made in the minibus after […]
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Japan Pictures – Xtra!

Okay, here are a few edited/unseen pictures (unless you visited my image site to see them all), that I thought were nice. I edited the last two by cropping and increasing the brightness respectively, so you should be able to see them better now ^_^. As always, hover the mouse to see the captions.
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A Level results and Japan Diary!

Please go *here* for the GCSE Japan Diary 2004! – It structures the page so they are in readable order :P, so ignore the odd structure of today’s posts you may see in your friend’s livejournal view ^_^;;.
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Friday July 16th

Friday July 16th Flight home We had to get up at 5.00am today to catch a bus out to Narita airport – only 3 hours sleep!. Most people slept on the coach on the way though. I grabbed a croissant at the airport and some last minute presents for friends back home. I also managed […]
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Thursday July 15th

Thursday July 15th Studio Ghibli Museum & Ayako Today we set off early to meet Ayako, Sumiko (Ayako’s mother) and Hiroki (Ayako’s brother). Ayako, you may or may not remember, is my pen pal that I met in London once during the first year of Japanese, as Sumiko is a friend of Kushida-sensei’s and they […]
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Wednesday July 14th

Wednesday July 14th Tsurumine High School – Day 3 This was our final day at Tsurumine High School. Okaasan made me obento again (which was very good) and we headed off for school. I didn’t talk to as many of the students individually today as I had done the day before. After the day’s English […]
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