Monthly Archives: April 2008

Golden Eggs Techno

Today though, more Golden Eggs! I found this great little video a while ago and was thoroughly tickled by the superb editing that has been done. Check out the coach in his very own techno exercise video below! Necessary!
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Oingo Boingo

Ever heard of Oingo Boingo? Those who knew me during secondary school probably will have, as I used to delight at quizzing them on the band few outside the U.S have heard of. Especially those music fanatics who knew all manner of niche bands and prided themselves on the plethora of musical titbits they had […]
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London Ghost Walks

On a recent trip to London, I decided to give one of the popular ‘London Walks‘ I’d heard about a try. Amongst a variety of interesting themes, London Walks offer a ‘Ghost Walk‘, where you as part of a small group are guided around a particular part of London and told dark and creepy stories […]
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