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So I’m a 12, after changing one answer on a retake, because I initially got PG, which is unlikely really… I’m not *that* innocent, just inexperienced.


Stephanie posted this link to the Blair win

Blair won the top-up fees vote by 5 votes… I don’t know enough to be able to say whether or not it’ll cause me a big problem, but I have to say, getting students to put money back into the economy is a good thing. I don’t want to be in debt, but he is right; is it really fair to make the other taxpayers pay out more for us? I’m likely shooting myself in both feet right now, because I’ll probably curse myself when I come out of University with 3x the amount of debt…


I had the school open evening today, where I helped out in my Religious Studies department. I actually finished a game of Sophie’s World (the board game) with Fiona (a girl in my form who also takes R.S). I learned from one of the questions that Hitler was voted 1938 ‘Man of the Year’ by Time Magazine :P. It was really quite cool afterwards though, because I had a 40 minute talk with Mr Broomfield and Mrs Soan (my R.S teachers) about Universities, travelling, possibly teaching as a career, financing and generally motivational praise. Without letting it go to my head, I have to say it was endearing at the very least and it lifted my spirits a little.

Do you ever notice that? Around people, some more specifically than others, you can feel their aura; a sense of excitement, fervour and sensitivity. Like around Rob Lindsay, I always feel so much more excited and am liable to joke around a lot more (hence my behaviour in Japanese today). With Dave I can sit back and say pretty much whatever I feel I want to, because I know he won’t take it the wrong way in most cases. Those are just two examples, mind. I get a different feeling with everybody, and it does make it extremely difficult to determine how *I* actually feel as opposed to what other people are feeling. I suppose it could explain why I feel the need to do these personality tests so much, so i can understand myself and thus hopefully better relate to others: ‘Know Thyself’ – Socrates

That’s what I get from all of my teachers bar one, and I guess I’m grateful for having such personalities tutoring me. Mr Barley has an unparalleled air of confidence, yet retains modesty and directs his passion for Maths so acutely. Mr Whitehead is more of a practical, laid back guy. I don’t feel any burning passion from him per se, but his expertise and awareness of Design & Technology is always present. Mr Broomfield manages the balance between humour and discipline very well. You can always be sure he won’t let the lesson change it’s path, but at the same time he is yielding and broad-minded about ideas, always delivering the Religious Studies material in an accessible and generally appealing way. Mrs Soan is perhaps a little lax in discipline, but tries hard to reach the students. She usually succeeds when we pay attention, and I can’t complain about her simple attitude to life; it gives a good breather to the intricacies of Philosophy ^_^;. I only have her for one lesson a week though, so I can’t say much more. Mrs Williamson, as I’m sure most of you are probably aware has never really connected with me, or should that be I with her? I don’t get any fire from her, and I abhor her teaching methods. It’s possible I just haven’t gotten to know her as well as the other teachers, but she seems shy and keeps to herself most of the time. Certainly though, being a weaker teacher (imho) does not make her any less of a person.

Anyway, I kinda went on a little there, and I’ve no doubt some people with be either laughing at that or in disbelief that I actually *like* most of my teachers. Meh. I don’t care. I’m feeling much to altruistic and confident at the moment to care. I only wish I could retain this attitude throughout my school days instead of moping over work that must be done or becoming hung up on problems. I suppose it’s healthy to be slightly stressed out and work-orientated at times though, just like it’s healthy to be happy on other occasions.

Oh, and in other small news, I want to go and see Chris Rea, to whom I’m listening right now. I’ve also become enthralled with Kim Possible (another grand cartoon I’ve developed an affinity for on the Disney Channel). While I agree, some of the storylines are old school and unoriginal, I cannot fault the contemporary take on humour and the style of the show. A villain who comes of with catchphrases like ‘Nana Possible; You think your lemon squares are all that, but they’re not!!’ can’t be all bad ^_^ hehe.

Oh, and finally, word for the day: Doxographer – A person who collects opinions and conjectures (theories formed without complete evidence) of Ancient Greek Philosophers.

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