Fifteen Fantastic Froggie Fotos

By Michael Gakuran | | Photography | 13 Comments |

A collection of frog pictures I took in various places in Japan over the last few months with my new macro lens on the Olympus E-P1. Gotta love these gorgeous amphibians!

I visited two places for the indoor shots – Nagoya Reptile World 2010 and the Higashiyama Zoo – but a few shots were also taken in the wild. Any guesses as to which ones? Also, let me know which is your favourite shot and please help me confirm the names of each frog!

13 comments on “Fifteen Fantastic Froggie Fotos
  1. Anonymous says:

    Very nice photography here.

  2. Gakuranman says:

    Thanks Sabine. Some of these frogs really do amount to little more than big mouths and wide stomachs…

  3. Gakuranman says:

    Thanks for the comment Damon. I really liked your frog photos – it’s good to meet another amphibian fan :p. Good luck with your haikyo posts too. I’m looking forward to seeing more :)

  4. Florian says:

    I like the walking killer frog No. 5 – but what happened to the one you shot at the tunnel entrance? I didn’t have a closer look at him, but it seems like he won’t rise to fame…

  5. Anonymous says:

    Nice pictures, I really like the first one, the colour is amazing, and I love the focus on the Japanese Tree frog. It’s great that you’re putting your macro lens to good use, now lets see if we can’t go and do some stuff at the aquarium.

    • Gakuranman says:

      Thanks for the comment Dave. Got some great aquarium stuff already taken that I want to post, but I also want to go back and experiment more. Still learning the macro ropes!

  6. apple says:


  7. Jordy Meow says:

    Did I meet the last one personally? :)

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