Gakuranman Youtube Channel Has Moved!

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Hey all. Really short update today just to point you in the direction of my new Youtube channel.

I had been using the alias ‘thegakuranman’ on Youtube for a while due to the original name having been taken by another user. But they hadn’t signed into the account for a couple of years, so I contacted Youtube to see if I couldn’t get my brand name released. They did without fuss, so now I’ll be moving all my activities over to the new channel below under the username ‘gakuranman’.

Gakuranman new Youtube Channel

Of course, my some 1300 subscribers cannot be moved, so it’ll be like starting afresh again. Please feel free to re-subscribe if you feel so inclined :). Best wishes!

Short video explaining the move in Japanese.

3 comments on “Gakuranman Youtube Channel Has Moved!
  1. solwyvern says:

    ouch, good luck getting back those 1300 subscribers.
    I guess it’ll get better in the long run

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