Japanese exams

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My mechanics re-sit didn’t go as well as I would have liked yesterday. They seem to always find some new method of delivering the questions in such a way that it throws me off ;_;. Japanese started off fairly well and turned into a horrific mess towards the middle of the reading paper. The sodding ‘mae ni’ (in front of) function puzzled me for ages, wasting a lot of time, and I still managed to get it wrong! The really frustrating thing is that I fell down on exactly the same thing in the mock exam… *sigh*. Unless I pull off a fantastic trick in my writing exam on June 9th (which is also the same day as my Pure Maths 3 exam and 2 D&T exam re-sits ;_;), I’m dubious as to whether I’ll do that well…

Simon, Lianne, Chris, Dave and myself went down to the Dockside Outlet Centre to have tuxedo fittings afterwards, well, 3 of us. At least that’s sorted out now, except for shoes… I have another 2 weeks until my main bulk of exams start now. Lots of revision to do…

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