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Froglet photography

I took my sister to the cinema tonight to see ‘The Village’ (recommended). We had McDonalds and I tried one of their new ‘Salads Plus’ items, which was actually pretty good. The first time I’ve been able to eat McDonalds and not feel sick; well, not counting the stop we made in the minibus after […]
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Japan Pictures – Xtra!

Okay, here are a few edited/unseen pictures (unless you visited my image site to see them all), that I thought were nice. I edited the last two by cropping and increasing the brightness respectively, so you should be able to see them better now ^_^. As always, hover the mouse to see the captions.
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A Level results and Japan Diary!

Please go *here* for the GCSE Japan Diary 2004! – It structures the page so they are in readable order :P, so ignore the odd structure of today’s posts you may see in your friend’s livejournal view ^_^;;.
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Friday July 16th

Friday July 16th Flight home We had to get up at 5.00am today to catch a bus out to Narita airport – only 3 hours sleep!. Most people slept on the coach on the way though. I grabbed a croissant at the airport and some last minute presents for friends back home. I also managed […]
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Thursday July 15th

Thursday July 15th Studio Ghibli Museum & Ayako Today we set off early to meet Ayako, Sumiko (Ayako’s mother) and Hiroki (Ayako’s brother). Ayako, you may or may not remember, is my pen pal that I met in London once during the first year of Japanese, as Sumiko is a friend of Kushida-sensei’s and they […]
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Wednesday July 14th

Wednesday July 14th Tsurumine High School – Day 3 This was our final day at Tsurumine High School. Okaasan made me obento again (which was very good) and we headed off for school. I didn’t talk to as many of the students individually today as I had done the day before. After the day’s English […]
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Tuesday July 13th

Tuesday July 13th Tsurumine High School – Day 2 Today was fantastic! I got up about 7.00am, had breakfast (a couple of rolls with sausage, noodles and miso soup) and then okaasan took Takahito and me to school for 8.25am. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see otoosan at all today, although he phoned in the […]
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Monday July 12th

Monday July 12th Tsurumine High School – Day 1 A large part of the day was occupied travelling and we had an hour’s shopping time in a very large bookshop, during which I bought a Kanji dictionary and two Japanese textbooks ‘Minna no Nihongo’. I talked with Heather a little more about the gap year, […]
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