Moboroshi High School

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Since I feel like continuing this trend of pointless questionnaires and other junk, I decided today’s space would be filled with one of my posts from the rpg I participate in. So meh, here it is. Crit away if you like, I regret not having taken English now, as my writing isn’t as good as it could be…

John tramped heavily down the hallways in his trademark black thigh-length overcoat, wondering what the conversation would contain when he next saw Ayako. It came as a mild jolt when his right arm was grabbed rather forcefully and he was pulled to a halt.

“Kuroaka, Theo!” exclaimed the ruggedly handsome voice drifting from an extended right arm. “Please to meet you Lazarus-san! I have heard good things about you from your students and teachers alike since you’ve transferred here.”

Transferred!? John’s mind flickered cautiously. He managed to maintain his usual indifferent face as he firmly shook Theo’s hand.

“A pleasure…I’m sure.” He retorted, somewhat hazily.

There was a pause for silence in whcih John just continued to stare blankly at Theo. It was triggering a profoundly strange memory for him. His old boss..! No! Not his old boss as such, but rather…that smile…That dammed superficial smile!

John had become an expert at deciphering it under his old boss’s rule. He could see through the crinkles at the sides of Theo’s mouth. The odd pursed shape of the lips and the way the upper lip sometimes twitched when it was becoming difficult to hold the expression.
Theo resumed a ‘normal’ disposition and released John’s hand.

“Well…” he continued “…Mr. Lazarus. As I’m sure you’ve heard, I am conducting some in-school reasearch on the teaching methods employed by the various staff here. Interviewing students, monitoring discipline… I’m more than confident a man of your credibility has come across this sort of proceedure before. As it happens, I am running a little behind schedule, so, if I may; I politely request your company at my house sometime within the next week – I must confirm the date yet – to discuss some issues with me. Alas! The school day is not long enough for me to do these things in the limited time it offers, so I do hope you will be able to help me out in that respect. You will, of course, be adequately catered for, and I shall provide dinner for you and the fares for your journey to and from my house, so not to worry about that!”

Theo’s face errupted into the smile again, which was a little unerving as John had observed that Theo had in fact been speaking quite frankly the moment beforehand. Perhaps he was out of practice with deciphering that smile? It *had* been a while since he had seen it…

John nodded in agreement. “I’m sure I can work something out for you, sir.”

Theo nodded happily. “Come, come. Let us go and talk a little more in the teacher’s lounge, then. ” Theo had begun to place he arm around John’s upper back in a friendly gesture, although he quickly found John shifting out of the grasp rather uncomfortably.

“I…I’m very sorry. I have a little work to catch up on this lunch time. I hope you understand Kuroaka-san.”

“Not at all…” Theo replied. “Of course I understand.”, eyeing John a little less happily than before, although not in any apparent way. “I’ll get back to you then…”

“Of course. I’ll speak to you soon, sir.” John nodded, before turning – somewhat impolitely – and walking quickly in the opposite direction to which he had been going.

What was that?! That…burning? His arm felt like hot embers or a needling poker!

And… the lounge… I really don’t want to talk to Ayako-chan with *him* there… Not to mention the awkwardness if the flowers are mentioned…

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