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…In a sense, anyway. I’m currently taking a break from my Religious Studies (Philosophy) homework. Just writing up notes on abortion and euthanasia while downloading music from Megumi Hayashibara. ‘Watashi Wa Ko Neko’ – downloaded mainly for the title, how could I resist? ‘I am a kitten’ aww ^_^. Turned out to be another great song anyway.

I had work today, same as every other saturday morning and sunday evening. Working as a cashier is pretty monotonous most of the time, but saturday mornings are sometimes interesting. Very little hassle from the local kids and some of the old folk that come in are quite charming ^_^. I guess that’s the pinnacle of this sort of work. Makes the time fly by oh-so much faster. The little kids are so sweet as well. They always draw a smile from me. Innocence is such a wonderful thing and being sincere is highly disregarded nowadays. I wish more people (myself included) just forgot all about our social ‘obligations’ and start acting like themselves. I mean that in the best sense of course; without getting too philosophical; there are still rules and norms we need to adhere to refrain from causing any rifts or major upsets. It’s not gonna be acceptable to go around mugging people because ‘you are just being yourself’. I mean people expressing their feelings without fear of being ridiculed or given ‘that look’. You know what I mean.

In any case, my empathies to Serendipities and her friends. Hope you can all resolve the issues or at least learn to tolerate each other. Best of luck! ^_^

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