The Royal House Mystery Unravels

My most recent haikyo post created a miniature storm on the internet. A variety of English and Japanese-speaking sites were all... Read more »
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Gakuranman Youtube Channel Has Moved!

Hey all. Really short update today just to point you in the direction of my new Youtube channel.... Read more »
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The Royal House Haikyo

Occasionally we come across haikyo that are shocking not due to an unsettling atmosphere or dilapidated state of grandeur, but... Read more »
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Fifteen Fantastic Froggie Fotos

A collection of frog pictures I took in various places in Japan over the last few months with my new macro lens on the Olympus... Read more »
| Photography |

A Return to the Sepulchral Doctor’s Sha ...

Just shy of a year ago I came across an age-old medical shack hidden in the heart of the Japanese countryside. Brimming with... Read more »
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Skritter for Writing Japanese: Review

Skritter is an interesting site I came across a while ago which specialises in one particular thing: writing Japanese and Chinese... Read more »
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There’s Always a Way! – しょう ...

What's しょうがある? The opposite of しょうがない, of course! That oft-muttered phrase that reeks of apathy and... Read more »
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Kawatana Human Torpedo Training School

We reached the end of a long, winding road that snaked through a tiny Japanese village in Kawatana, infamous for being the site... Read more »
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