The 7 Stages of Gaijinhood Revisited

sevenstagesofgaijinhood After a stunningly shrewd post by Our Man in Japan, a wily Durf left a snarky comment in reply linking to this blog. It's left me... Read more »
| Japan |

Are You Just Recollecting Japanese?

forgetting-curve Have you ever had that feeling of frustration when, having learnt a word one day, the very next it seems to cease to exist inside... Read more »
| Japan |

Ruins of the Imari Kawanami WWII Shipyard

imari-shipyard4 The Imari Kawanami Shipyard (伊万里川南造船所) is a favourite among haikyo fanatics not least because of its infamous... Read more »
| Haikyo / Ruins |

Endangered Chinese Pond Turtle

chinese-pond-turtle One overcast day, about halfway through my solitary wanderings in Japan, fatigue finally caught up with me. I left the manga cafe... Read more »
| Photography |

The Gruesome ‘Art’ of Daikichi Am ...

daikichi-amano-s I'm not going to be roundabout with this. Today's post borders on the sickening. If you want to hang onto your dinner or are... Read more »
| Japan |

Child’s Play on Hashima Island

gunkanjima-hashima14 As we climbed atop the shattered concrete building a new morn greeted us, its warm beauty in stark contrast to the mournful ruins... Read more »
| Photography |

Raiders of the Lost Subterranean Shrine

subterreanean-shrine-4 The day was drawing to a close and my haikyo partner and I could already hear the noisy mating gerrops of frogs. But one last... Read more »
| Haikyo / Ruins |

Grape Picking on a Hot Summer’s Day

grape-picking-0-5 Here's a gentle 'living in Japan' post for you all with a splash of language learning and colourful photography. Grape picking in... Read more »
| Japan |
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