Flutterscape Competition Winners!

Alrighty then. It's high time I announced the winners to my recent competition with Flutterscape! There were a great selection of... Read more »
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Japanese One Point Lesson: 青姦

It's been a while since I looked at some interesting Japanese, so "Let's Nihongo!" it up with a frisky little word I learnt... Read more »
| Japan |

The Ethereal Void of the Maya Hotel

I know, what a title eh? Words have failed me. Or perhaps I have failed them. It didn't seem like much at the time, but having... Read more »
| Haikyo / Ruins |

Lost Worlds – Japan Times Articles

A collection of haikyo articles penned by Japan Times staff writer Eriko Arita ventures into the deeper meaning behind ruins... Read more »
| Haikyo / Ruins |

Flutter Japanese Goods Home: Giveaway!

Flutterscape. What a marvellous idea. I wish I'd thought of it myself. Japan is packed to the brim with unique and tasty goods... Read more »
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Touring Japan 2010: Day 8 – Kaiyukan

The final day in my trip was a pretty relaxed one. I decided to head on over to Kaiyukan, the impressive aquarium at Osaka bay.... Read more »
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Touring Japan 2010: Day 7 – Haikyo Hiking

Ahh, yappari. Manga cafes are too distracting. With all the free films, drinks, manga and 'special' photo books one can't help... Read more »
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Touring Japan 2010: Day 6 – Oboke Rafti ...

The day was already off to a bad start. I awoke feeling much more refreshed than usual in the manga cafe. Something was... Read more »
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