Hot Topic!!

Okay. It's unusual for me to do this, but prepare for a barage of links! I recieved an email from a gamers website that I... Read more »
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False! Tricksey! Filthy hobbitsessss…

Just had to post this link to BBC's 'fake smile' quiz. I got 15/20 correct on my first try, and 18/20 on a successive try, after... Read more »
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The Last Samurai

I've just returned from watching this film with a mixture of people from Japanese class, school and MYP; and just have to say... Read more »
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Oingo Boingo – my introduction

(Copied from a forum post) For all those who care, I decided to write about how I first came upon the band. 'T'was the... Read more »
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BETTs and Collindale

So, seeing as I am waiting for my files to recover, I may as well write about Friday if I can stay awake. *Yawns*. Dave, myself,... Read more »
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Niko *^_^* Niko Thank you GetDataBack!!! I don't care how cliché it sounds, I'm much too relieved to care... After a whole... Read more »
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D:\ Is corrupt and unreadable…

Oh for the love of... *bangs head on desk* *twice...* *three times...* I've had a wonderful day in London, which I... Read more »
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Disinclined to acquiesce your request…

...just because I like that statement :P I have a P1 resit on Thursday, M1 on Monday and then R.S the following Thursday all... Read more »
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